Support the Social Cost of Carbon

The Social Cost of Carbon estimates the monetary damages that result from carbon pollution – essentially putting a value on the effects of climate change that are already costing us today. The Obama Administration requires agencies to factor in these damages when making new policies. After careful scientific analysis, the current estimate was increased to $37 per metric ton of carbon pollution. Polluters oppose this increase, attempting to reduce the social cost of carbon so that they can continue polluting recklessly – while the rest of us pay to clean up their mess.

Help us stand up for a future where we count the cost of carbon pollution to our health, our livelihoods, and our children. Add your signature now.

Dear Office of Management and Budget,

Each and every day, I’m paying for the costs of carbon pollution. We’re paying with risks to our health, our livelihood, and the well being of future generations. My future depends on reducing carbon emissions, and that’s why I believe efforts to raise the Social Cost of Carbon estimate is a step in the right direction.

I support the work you initiated in 2013 to raise the current estimate of the Social Cost of Carbon to $37 per ton of carbon pollution. While the cost of carbon pollution society is being subjected to is likely even higher, I do applaud this update to the Social Cost of Carbon estimate as a critical first step towards a comprehensive analysis of the economic burden of climate change.

As you work to finalize these estimates, thank you for considering the impact that carbon pollution has on future generations of Americans, and people just like me.


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